Lego 7997 是一個小型的火車站, 兩層高,上面有一些用餐的位置。這種黃色給人一種懷舊的感覺。






Just read the review on Brickset on 10254. What do you guys think?

Honestly speaking, if you wish to something similar to 10173 with 10254, it would seem next to impossible. In order to match the colors from previous LEGO Winter Village series, the only possible way would be utilizing lots of gifts along with colorful exterior. Furthermore, the set 10254 can be placed and circle around underneath the Christmas tree, thus includes the 16 curve tracks.

But I believe LEGO train AFOLs would have a lot of curve tracks. Playing trains would also want to include a motor set, hence taking apart the green parts in order to add the grey IR receiver but does not match the original green at all. Cars being too short, affecting the trains also being shorter.

I've listed my Ups and Downs towards 10254. But should you buy it or leave it, considering an LEGO Train AFOL, it's a must! Quantity...... will depend on the cash flow you have and how long you want to modify your trains.